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composing reality and the conclusion in someone's mind
site specific sound installation
16 channel audio, 3 microphones —2011

composing reality and the conclusion in someone's mind is a sound installation investigating the perception of our auditive environment. in this work, the perceptual world and our imagination are spatially separated and tonally faced. by expanding the ambient noises with recorded sounds, reality is manipulated and newly assembled.

the installation was composed for a specific room with several spatial layers. outside, there's the natural environment with all the common and daily sounds an urban context contains. the room itself contains a quadrophonic speaker setup, displaying sounds which are realtime recorded through a microphone placed on the facade, as well as pre-recorded material. the composition from the speakers is mixed with the real sounds entering through the closed windows, providing confusion of what's real. by mixing the signal from the microphone with the real sounds, this confusion gets more impressive as the sounds occur simultaneously. in the room, additionally, there's a blackbox in which several compositions, processed out of the recorded sounds from the natural environment, are displayed. these compositions are spatialized in a specific manner. different speakersystems are used, including one speaker on the facade, supplying sounds back into the natural environment.